Marc Pilon

Entrepreneur informaticien

I am an entrepreneur. I created 3 businesses.

First in 1985 was a local and wide area computer networking with mainframe integration. Sold it in 1991, bought a sailboat and learned to sail during the following 4 years.

Second was Internet integration for large corporations ; that was in 1995. Sold it in 1999 and travelled on a sailboat, kayak islands in the pacific and plenty of adventures… again.

Third was information security; you know… firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, risk analysis, assets classification, politics, authentication… all these things.   This was in 2003 , sold it in 2007. Then sailboats, a powerboat, England, France, Italy.. the canals, the Med.  I play since.

I love arduino (open hardware), I built a drone, a 3d printer, then hoped I could make with something else than PLA / plastic ! Bought a cnc milling and a cnc lathe… LOVE IT. I think more people would like to create, repair, invent, design. I perceive home manufacturing may contribute to a better life because suitable for a smaller footprint on our planet, therefore I looked for a great milling, precise milling, affordable milling…. I found one. This is why we are here.

I am sorry for my not so perfect english – corrections and improvements will be made to this web site. I think it is important to act now.

Marc Pilon

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